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May 27, 2020 Battalion Chief Bob Keys
Rapid Fire
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Rapid Fire, hosted by Fire-Dex, is a podcast series that unlocks current and trending topics affecting the fire service. Join us as retired FDNY Battalion Chief Bob Keys explores relevant topics and news with highly-esteemed fire industry experts within the U.S. 

Chief Keys completed a total of 31 years of service, beginning as a firefighter for a high volume station in the Bronx. As a Captain and Lieutenant, he served various municipalities including Midtown Manhattan, until settling into East New York Brooklyn, where he became Battalion Chief. Within his new role he took charge of Research and Development where he learned how new innovations are tested and introduced to the fire service.

This is Bob Keys. I'm a retired Battalion Chief from FDNY who completed a 31 year career, but am still passionate about improving firefighter safety. 

I started in the Bronx in the early 80s. In an engine company that was doing 7,000 runs a year. And that was without any EMS work. I was a Lieutenant in midtown Manhattan near the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden, in a very vertical, challenging firefighter world. 

My career as a Captain took me around the city, but I wound up back in Midtown because the excitement and the challenges day to day there were amazing. When I made Battalion Chief, I was assigned to East New York, Brooklyn to the 15th division. 

Towards the end of my career, I was asked to take over as the Chief of Research and Development, where I learned how innovations in the fire service are introduced, tested and become the next evolution of protective firefighting gear. 

I hope you join us here on Rapid Fire hosted by Fire-Dex, where we're going to unlock topics currently impacting first responders from across North America. We'll share lessons learned and best practices and talk about the current topics that are impacting first responders today. 

Please join us and share your thoughts about what's best and safest in the fire service.