Rapid Fire

How to Be Efficient in Fireground Search

August 05, 2022 Season 2 Episode 4
Rapid Fire
How to Be Efficient in Fireground Search
Show Notes

Join Andy Starnes and Chief Schwalbe as they discuss the best ways to be efficient during fireground search training and how to become a better fire instructor.  


  • How to be a better fire instructor  
  • The basics of search & rescue training  
  • How to utilize data to better your search tactics 
  • Ways to train at home  
  • Best practices for efficient tool placement 
  • Search curriculum  

Grant Schwalbe is the Division Chief of Operations at Estero Fire Department in Fort Myers, Florida, and has served with the department since 2003. He is also an Instructor for When Things Go Bad, Inc. and has taught at FDIC, The Orlando Fire Conference, Wichita HOT, and Fire Rescue East.  He’s had several articles published in Fire Engineering Magazine. Grant is passionate about Search, Engine Company Ops, Firefighter Survival, and RIT. Grant is an FL Instructor 3 and has earned an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.   

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